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Marble Reconditioning


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Here it is the brand new year of 2014 and I have run out of marbles to recondition. If you have any hurt marbles and would like to have them reconditioned now would be a good time to send them to me. Give me a shout at [email protected]. I do hope all have a very happy and prosperous New Year. Cell phone: 402-362-366-9246 ----Leroy----

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Thanks heaps Steph and the same to you. Time sure seems to fly anymore. I was doing a little looking back and discovered that I've been posting on the marble boards well over 15 years and more likely over 20 . So far its been a wonderful trip and the people on the boards for the most part are cut from the finest of material. I do wish everyone a fine and prosperous New Year and may all of you fine that elusive great marble that you have been searching for. ----Leroy----

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