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Marbles. Tv. Boring. Don't Read.


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You looked! I applaud your curiosity and sense of adventure!

Here's a frame from the sit-com 'Super Fun Night'.

(I really like the name of this show. It has no relevance whatsoever,

but reminds me of Japanese television's over-excited titles.)

This guy is doing a therapeutic exercise for a couple of people,

They have to do one thing or the other depending upon which

color marble they pick out of the bag.

I really do apologize for being boring here, but having mentioned

'marbles on television' several times before, I feel an obligation

to keep doing it for the record when it comes up.

Because it's encouraging. Television executives aren't stupid.

(Except for the 95% of the time when they're complete morons.)

They wouldn't allow marbles to be mentioned at all unless

their 'testing' showed that people have a positive response to them.

So even though this has nothing to do with what we all enjoy

here, it's still a good thing. ( :


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