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Making Marbles With The Grandkids This Weekend

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One of my favorite marbles was made by my son at a crayola factory tour when he was about 4. Don't know if they still make this stuff or not, but they used to sell kits with this white, moldable foam, that you would use markers on, then form into shapes and it would harden, so you would end up with your own sculpture, more or less! Many of the colors have faded (my son is 27!) but it still holds a special place in the marble cabinet! FYI...HE has no recollection of this event, so when I get all gushy over his "marble' that he made especially for Mom, he just rolls his eyes!

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Had a blast this weekend. Imagine keeping a 3 and a 4 year old interested for about 3 hours. Too much fun. I almost feel like a real marble maker. Lots of experimentation. More failures than successes. Ended up with only a handful of actually, almost, close to, but not really round marbles that will probably crumble away to dust before long. Looked like patches and swirls. So many colors of playdoh and clay to play with.

A few quick learnings on the Playdoh Sweet Shop:

- Some assembly required. Even more if you take the thing apart to unjam the rollers :-)

- playdoh is light and soft, sculpty clay is dense and hard. It jamed up the rollers.

- The rollers are cheap plastic, they didn't break but they did bend jam up.

- Don't give the three year old the mallet, he likes to smash the marbles.

- Don't give the 4 year old the plastic knife, she likes cutting the marblesd in half.

Fun with the Grandkids - Priceless

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