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  1. Ah, pawn masters.... Yeah I bought a couple from this guy. Both described as "wet mint". They were severely polished. The price was low, so I didn't say anything negative. You usually get what you pay for on the bay. -Andrew
  2. Howdy Paul! Been absent from here far too long! Glad to see you're back as well!
  3. I've noticed on practically all Peltier NLR's there is some degree of an orange peel on the surface, usually not noticeable unless under magnification. It's usually a good way to tell if one has been buffed:polished, as this will remove the orange peel.
  4. What colors do they come in? Are they as varied as rainbows? I've seen black, blue, green, red, yellow, and then black with yellow tracers... Any others?
  5. Hello all. It was brought to my attention that some believe the realers are small, like 1/2" or so size, but all of the marbles I have that are "confirmed" realers are around 5/8".... What's the consensus?
  6. Ah! Another Texan! I need to get on here more often!!! Facebook has taken over my marble socializing... I must admit, there is so much more insightful info on here than Facebook!
  7. Howdy Tracye! I'm from up by Amarillo!!
  8. *GASP* The ghost of Leroy is haunting the forum!!!
  9. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, Chad!
  10. I believe it's an acorn, from a great marble oak.
  11. I've seen the photos of the pelt NLRs, does anyone have any of the peerless patches?
  12. Purchased from the website a couple weeks ago. I must say, I was more than pleased. Very very nice marble. And the guys are very professional and ship very carefully and quickly! Can't go wrong, and I will be buying more!
  13. Were these manufactured and sold or are they dig finds? I just don't see lots of them.
  14. Wow! Looks kinda like a very busy flame where all the "tips" became submerged. Cool!
  15. Looks master to me as well.... attractive colors!
  16. I've heard of calligraphies? I know they're rare and the requirements to be one leave the chances pretty slim... Just curious what one looks like? Alley's are something I'm just starting to take interest in, so I don't know a lot about the rarer ones.
  17. Found this in a large lot of Alley's I recently bought from another collector who specialized in handmades...... Size is 21/32'', thought it may be a wirepull but glass is much cleaner than any wirepulls I own ( not full of bubbles).
  18. Love wirepulls! The green one is beautiful, Winnie!
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