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Akro Moss Agates

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Are there colors of moss agates that are more rare than others? Is one of them orange? That seems to be a color that comes up as rarer than others in many different types of marbles so thought I would ask the experts. I am also seeing many patches on ebay that are called moss agates even by well known dealers that have opaque patches and the traditional mossy type translucent base color. I was always taught that to be a true moss agate, both the base color and the patch had to be translucent. What is your opinion? This moss agate is a mint or a terribly near mint....just in case I missed something...lol....21/32.



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I don't know how rare orange is. I'd consider the possibility that it's not Akro. Here's a thread with mossy marbles from different makers/sites. http://marbleconnection.com/topic/7863-moss-agate-type-marbles When you read the thread keep in mind it was made in 2008. I might need to edit a little. (:

As to translucence or not, the yellow here looks opaque to me:


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