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Unusual Kind Of Ribbon Core


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This one came with the post yesterday. It is a kind of ribbon core. About 7/8 inch. one ribbon is a kind of jelly transparent glass, the other is from many thin black lines. It has some mica in it too. Near the pontil are some small flakes, and opposite of the pontil a few bigger flakes. They can be seen in the lower right photo, and the lower middle photo.

It has a facted pontil, and glows under a black light.

So what kind of marble is this?


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I have put it on the AAM forum also, and they had thoughts about it also.

I was in a larger collection of old handmade marbles. Most of them with faceted pontils. It comes from the UK. A good friend of mine (Jeroen vV) who collects old handmade marbles for over 20 years pointed it out for me telling me that this one was something special.

The pontil is ok in my opinion. It does not look different than faceted pontils on other marbles I have. The scratch like marks that are probably from the marble scissors are there. It is seen with lots of marbles with a faceted pontils. Those marks are often in a circle around the area that is facted. The folding creat at the top is not so strange. I have a mica panel onionskin with a similar folding crease at the top.
And why are there some mica flakes in the marble? I have seen new (fake) mica marbles, and that is a different kind of mica. The mica in this marble look ok to me.
And the marble glows under a blacklight. That is often a sign that it is old.

Find attached a photo with a slightly better view of the pontil.
Well, perhaps there are other collectors with different insights. I think this is a good original one, and probably very rare.


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yes, that is correct. I am in a Lucky flow lately ;-) And I think I bought a small 11/16 inch lobed onionskin two days ago. What I have heard is that small lobed oniosnkins are very unusual. And I think it has some mica in it too. But the photos were not so good, so it was a gamble.


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