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Dat Sound!


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I am very in tune with the sound of marbles clicking together! When we go to auctions, I can hear that distinct "click" across a noisy auction floor....think it's some kind of weird survival instinct at this point in time; I would die without the ability to "hunt" for marbles! Auctions have been dismal lately :(:(

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I like the sound too, and neat video!

The topic reminded me of something unusual I learned about a while back.

Has anyone here heard of ASMR?

Apparently a small percentage of us are capable of having what some refer

to as a 'brain orgasm', just by listening to certain sounds. I'd suggest looking

it up, since it's pretty interesting in a bizarre kind of way. There are piles of

videos on the 'tube' for the benefit of people who can do this. I gave quite a

few of these my best shot, but apparently I don't have what it takes.

One thing that seemed to happen in a number of these videos was the sound

of long fingernails lightly tapping on a hard surface. This seemed similar to

the sound of marbles clicking, so I searched for 'asmr marbles', and sure

enough, marbles seem to work for these people!

(Although I think Stefan's '1000 Marble' machine would probably be a bit too much!)

Here's a sample video. It's pretty much the exact same thing for 15 minutes, so

don't feel like you'll be missing anything if you shut it off quickly.

On the other hand, if you start feeling very relaxed, maybe you should go for it! :P


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