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Frederick, Maryland March 22

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i was there last year there was a real good walk through of people it turned out there was also a gun show going on... they did alot for the kids there were games and door prize and marble races for the kids... plus some of the food was great... older handmade and machine mades they're were a couple of people there... i had fun... alot of people were bringing marbles in and getting them appraised. or selling them if they liked the price...

i didn't stay over night down there cause the hotel was on the other side of town from the show so i can tell you about that but the show was packed.....

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My husband Mark and I will be there...it's only about an 1 1/2 hrs from home. We will have to try and pick a location and time that everyone going will be there so we can say "hi" and put a face to these names!

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