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The Fastest Turtles In The South


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Meet Scuter Brown, David Wayne, Sally May, and Curtis Loew. They left Mississippi this afternoon, and should arrive in Pennsylvania sometime around noon tomorrow.

Lloyd reserves the right to change their god-given Southern names to more appropriate Yankee ones as he sees fit. LOL.


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Scuter Brown, David Wayne, Sally May, and Curtis Loew!

WoW What a bunch of beauties.

We will be here tomorrow ready to give them all they need.

Fritz will have to wait a while to get to know them.

We'll keep in touch to let you know they have arrived.


Good evening,

Lloyd & Chris

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The names are Southern. I'm already leaning towards liking Scuter best.

I've wanted one or two for years. TeeElsey says she has too many.

We will give them a good home. Our goal is to get them used to northern living.

Sooner or later we will release them in our area.

That may be years from now.

Everyone but Fritzy is on the edge of their seats waiting for turtle travel.

There was a strong native population of them here for years.

I hardly ever see one in the wild anymore.

I think quite a few were easy to catch by visitors to the river corridor.

Some were probably brought home as 'Pets'.


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Yay! I usually let them soak every other day or every third day for a few hours in a pan of water that is about as deep as their legs. They hang their heads underwater when they are drinking. It sometimes looks like they are drowning or dead, but they aren't. LOL. They just do that to scare us.

They like to dig around and bury in damp soil and mulch.

They LOVE earthworms, and also moistened cornbread or dogfood.

You can keep a shallow dish of water in their enclosure, as long as it has something like straw on the bottom to help them flip themselves over if they turn upside down in it.

Call, text, or message if you have ANY questions.

Hope y'all enjoy them!

~ Tracy

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Looks like some fine young turtles, Lloyd !

That was nice of Tracy to share them with you...

I imagine Chris is already knitting some little plaid camouflage sweaters for them,

so they won't feel out of place when Lloyd takes them for their morning walks....

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Steph, box turtles are omnivores... they will eat almost anything they can fit in their mouth. (mouth?) (beak?) Whatever it's called. lol

I cleaned my terrarium out a few days ago and filled it with about 6 inches of fresh, loose dirt and leaf mulch that was full of little roly poly looking bugs, but with softer shells, and also earthworms. The turtles have been having a time running around eating all the bugs and stuff. Spiders too! It's so cool to watch.

Lloyd, thank you SO MUCH for the nice gift I got in the mail yesterday, and if Chris doesn't read the board, then tell her I said thank you also. You two are just TOO kind!

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