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To The Pelt Gurus Out There....

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Here are a few of the Pelts ( at least I believe most are Peltier) I have accumulated recently. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I have any that are of any value? Most seem fairly common, but some of them looked like unusual colored rainbows to me. If I need to take a closer pick of any, just tell me what photo/row/number. Thanks in advance for ANY input!

IMG 5933 (953x1280) (596x800)

IMG 5935 (949x1280) (593x800)

IMG 5934 (946x1280) (591x800)

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Most appear to be Pelt to me. Not sure on column 6 marbles 2, 3 and 4. Those three look a little MK-ish to me. Looks like a nice start to a Peltier rainbo collection for the most part. Column 5, marbles 6 and 8 look like Pelt NLR's to me. One is called a bumblebee and the other is called a dragon.

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