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Lunar Cycles Etc.


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Just checked out a site that shows you what the phase of the Moon was, is, or will be.

And I think I got completely 'slammed' by the full Moon the other day.

I was completely out of my mind. Even more than usual!

It was comforting to find a possible reason.

I'm not a big believer in this sort of thing, but I think it does happen at times.

I've seen it in myself and others before.

It's not a 'given' every, or even most of, the time. But it still feels like it's there.

The study of 'the cyclical nature of things' is fascinating.

Back in the good old days I did a lot of research on how financial markets

ebbed and flowed. Of all the studies I did, the identification of 'cycles' proved

to be the most beneficial.

I'm also convinced that the old 'time of the month' concept is a little misguided.

It's absolutely true, but like the effect of the Moon, it's not a 'given' at any time.

And not only does it continue to happen for post-menopausal women, but it's

been happening for us guys all along! It's not an instinctive thing for guys to make

a journal of how they're feeling every day. But if they did, I'm pretty convinced

that most would see the same pattern. Interesting stuff! Bob

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