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A Plain But Brilliant Television Commercial


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Just saw this for the first time.

15 seconds!

Most people start off with an expensive 60 second ad, then quickly

realize that it's mostly 'filler', and cut it back for later broadcasts.

This is 15 seconds of exactly what they wanted to say and it's perfect.

Also, they've taken this 'efficiency' to the next level.

The superficial idea is that your kids will at least temporarily drop all

their foolishness when it's 'Manwich Time', since they're just so good!

But without having to 'say' anything, the very fact that this is a nice

mother-daughter moment is also suggesting that no one cares about

the possibly 'silly' name of the product. Women can't resist it either! ( :


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I'm hoping that everyone will know that 'brilliant' in this

case refers to absolutely 'pure' advertising.

Heck, in some cases this includes people like

'Crazy Eddie', with totally obnoxious ads that 'worked'.

(Anyone remember him? I'll bet Ant does!)

Of course in another way, it's the best of the SuperBowl

commercials that are truly brilliant. But they're actually

an 'alternative art-form'. Any honest person in the

advertising business will tell you that they're ridiculously

expensive, and don't result in a significant increase in sales. :icon_popcorn:

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I don't know Crazy Eddie, but I'm guessing he was like Linda Soundtrak who was an Oklahoma icon in the 80's and was touted as a pioneer in advertising for her annoying ads.

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Did he say 20 words per minute?!?!? Where's that??? All the *average* kids around here can text one-hundred-twenty words per minute with one hand not even looking at the screen, and the girls can do it while turning cartwheels. Haha. That is, however, a very cool commercial.

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