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Another One For The Moto-Heads


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Here's good old Mike Brady!

In another example of what I call a 'real' car.

Don't have high-def television, but the emblem looks

like it says 'Fury II' or 'III'.

I'm vaguely remembering liking these cars, although

I was never personally involved with them. They had

a good 'look' with their squared-off straight-line design.


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Okay. Let's go 180 and see how that works.

Just saw an Alfa 8c on the 'Top Gear' show.

One of the guys there described it as "the best-

looking car ever made". Not certain if you can

really say that about anything, but it sure isn't bad.

And while visiting with these people who refer to

'high gear' as 'top gear', I also learned that over

there 'moto-heads' are 'petrol-heads'. ( :



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As an oldie but goodie, I can't remember anything that recent. Including 'yesterday'.

But I don't doubt that it had a good design.

Cougars had some individuality to them, unlike many Mercury products which were

pretty identical to their Ford counterparts.

I'm flashing-back now to a car I'm pretty sure was called the Cougar "Eliminator".

Going to say about 1970, it was the Cougar 'muscle car'. I don't think it was very popular.

Which makes me think it's rare enough that it might set some kind of record if one ever

showed up on one of those fancy televised auctions with 500 original miles on it. ( :

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