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Only For The Most Heavy Duty Photo-Heads


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Here's a short film about Ansel Adams.

For the sake of full-disclosure, I'm going to say that this will probably

be considered kind of 'dry' by most.

If you're as old as me, it will remind you of the black and white

educational films we occasionally got to see in school as kids.

But I think a few of you hard core people will really like it. ( :


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My absolute favorite photographer. A college friends father that lived in Palo Alto was a best friend of Ansels. The first time I visited his home I was spell bound for hours and hours. The walls were covered in unpublished Photographs done by the man himself. "My Camera in the National Parks" is a great book of Photos and can be had on the cheap signed for around 250 dollars

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My favorite shot is 'The Golden Gate Before The Bridge'.

Don't know if that's a proper title or someone's description.

Many years ago I got right up close to an 8x10 contact print.

It was spectacular.

People today who use the term 'full frame' for the

35mm equivalent format size haven't got a clue! :lol:

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