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New Site Up For Selling Marbles!!

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Hello Everyone,

Well I've been hard at setting up a place to sell nice marbles and other cool stuff.

I think I got it all done.
No items yet, but you can still check it out. There are some nice images of various categories.
Over the next couple of weeks will be the hard part, figuring out what I would like to sell.
Anyway enjoy!!

VintageToyMarbles.com Home

I hope all the bugs are worked out, if not please let me know if you see any problems....

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Thanks Steph for the kind remarks!!

I have most of the category pictures in, some don't have a picture, because I don't even own that type.... could use any donations of images to cover those area's...

It's set up like a tree if you start at the top it just keeps going down with group of images...

(o) next to the names with show how many items are listed for sale. I have the search working as well, but it needs items to work...LOL

complicated, but I'm really happy with the results.


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  • 2 weeks later...

William, nice looking stuff.

However, per the videos, they seem really low resolution to me desktop. It may be because I am running high end setup for graphics and I am using a 4K monitor, but here is a screen shot

I only mention this because your images are pristine, easily viewed at 3840x2160 with no issues. However the video, looks like it is 800x600 then stretched to me.

It may be no big thing,but to me ,at least, the images set the mood and purchasing pace and your videos seem flat and from the 80's only because your recorder is evidently recording at a low resolution

I hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing what goodies you list :)


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LOL. They are actually 640x480 in size. Two format's .mp4 and .webm format.

Size is the issue. I can make them super clean and nice.... but at a loading cost to the viewer.

These are under 3 megs, really like 2 megs. I have code that stretches to full height in the browser.

Everyone's screen is a different size... like I run 1600x900... so it's tough to settle on something.

Maybe, I could have a second set at High resolution...with a warning that it make a some time to load......

Thanks for the kind comments tho. It's hard working on all this stuff and keeping it live so I can get good feed back as I go. Thank you.

I'm going to try to have the store finished by tomorrow (sunday) only 2 issues to fix. (that I know of, lol)

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