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When I was younger I always enjoyed these 'claw' machines.

Usually it was a case of trying to win a 'stuffed animal' for a girl.

Just learned from a television show that in our most north-east United

States state of Maine, they have machines where you can win a lobster!



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I have to agree with both of you.

Posted it right after I saw it, and at that point all I was

thinking was 'How outrageous! Never seen that before!'

But I did feel sort of 'conflicted' a little later.

It's kind of awful. And although anyone who wants to buy me

a lobster dinner complete with melted butter, lemon, and bib

is automatically my newest best friend, I don't think I could be

the guy who dropped my crustacean cousin into the boiling water.

Yours hypocritically, Bob ( :

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Long ago I worked at Euclid Fish Co. and an old timer's joy was to take these live homard lobsters and turn them upside on their nose with the claws out like a tripod .....they would stay that way days! Some they used for center pieces weight up in the 20lb plus range and had very large pegs in the claws.

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