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There's a red, white and blue just above center.

That could be an Akro cork.

Akro's name for it would have been Tri-Color Agate.

Collector's name for it would be a "Special", if it turns out to be an Akro cork.

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There are some other interesting marbles here.

The blue and white with yellow stripes on the bottom right is unusual. Looks sort of Pelt-y but a little different.

Just above the red/white/blue that I mentioned earlier is a possible 7-Up. If it is a 7-Up it would be one of the relatively few Rainbos with a special name. (The 7-up has a transparent green base with red and white ribbons.)

I like the brownish Rainbo up there too.

The Pelt Rainbos are nice for collectors. Not necessarily worth much money (I once sold four sparkly green 7-Ups for $20 but most Rainbos wouldn't do that well). Nice to have though.

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