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Flowers Actually Move


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I took a pretty good shot of these guys last year. But I wanted to try it again.

Have been watching them for a few weeks now, and have noticed that they seem

to change their positions relative to each other pretty much on a daily basis.

This is because when I go in and out of the house I make a point of looking at them in

a 'picture-taking' mindset. I check them out from many angles and visualize 'rectangles'

floating in the air and decide whether they're filling the rectangle properly or not.

The technique used to do this involves squatting at different levels while simultaneously shifting the

upper body from side to side. Followed by a still-squatting 'crab walk' to one side and then the other.

Neighbors and passers-by think I'm nuts. :blush:

Anyway, I thought tonight they 'filled the rectangle' pretty well.


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