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The Streets Of Anacostia


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This is an area in the Southeast section of Washington, D.C.

It's the PCP capital of the world (literally), and basically just not a place you want to be.

But gainful employment is hard to turn down these days.

And hey! I grew up on the streets of New York City!

So I was only a little bit completely terrified. :unsure:

Got to where I was going, and jumped out of the truck.

Had to take two full steps before I could take this picture. ( :


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In this case, since I was 'at work' in its pure blue-collar sense, the only 'assignment' involved

was the choice I made a few years ago to concentrate mostly on using a small light-weight camera

that I could have 'on my person' at all times. Usually in a little belt-pouch.

The camera 'system' I chose allows someone, who's willing to spend some time learning to use it

'well', to take high quality photos very quickly and unobtrusively.

On this particular turf, I went back into the truck to make sure the camera was set correctly.

Spending time fiddling with it out in the open would have been stupid.

Looked both ways, and got the shot in two seconds with no one seeing me.

Immediately put it back in the pouch where I hoped most people would assume it was a 'weapon'.

I may be a little neurotic in general, but I'm still here! :)

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