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Rosalind Russell!


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Currently watching the 1945 movie 'She Wouldn't Say Yes'.

This is one of the great movies of all time.

It doesn't fit into a 'mold'. It's hilarious and a lot of fun, but

not in the same way a thousand other movies might be.

Most male native speakers of 'American English' will automatically know what I meant by "Woof!".

For others, I will clarify, because I'm in a rare good mood and it's Friday night and well into 'happy

hour' and I feel like talking. I've never done this before and hope no one is shocked. :lol:

"Woof!" is an exclamation which is meant to imitate the sound of a dog barking.

In this particular situation, it is meant as high praise. It suggests that seeing this

woman has instantaneously changed me from human being to pure 'animal'.

The 'reverse' situation would be a woman seeing a man she found immediately

very attractive who caused her to make the sexy 'meeoooowww' sound.

Both the woof and meow are tricky words to use, and should be reserved for private conversations.

They can be considered 'crude', even when used with the best intentions.

Woof in particular must be handled very delicately. An insecure woman could interpret it to mean

that she 'looks' like a dog. And it is sometimes used in this awful way.

Very rarely, a person can suddenly see someone, walk up and look them in the eye, and make one

of these sounds. And it works spectacularly! But this is the stuff of which legends are made. And the

people who actually 'pull it off' are considered 'gods and goddesses' by all others. ( :


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I don't think I've seen any of her early work.

Earliest I recall is Auntie Mame from 1958.

And then 8 years later as a nun in a Hayley Mills movie.

Edit: Nope, I've seen His Girl Friday ... I think I have that on the shelf ... should watch again ... though she wasn't going for glamour there.

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