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Let's Have Lunch!


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In case any of you get a sudden desire to take me to lunch at The Russian Tea Room, I figured it would be

courteous to let you know ahead of time what I'll probably be ordering.

(And thank you so much in advance for picking up the tab for lunch, train tickets, and cab fare!)

Going to start off with the traditional borscht, because that just seems like the thing to do.

Shouldn't that come with a dollop of sour cream? They're not mentioning it.

Maybe it would be 'gauche' to ask for it. I don't know. We'll play it by ear.

For the entrée, I'll have to have the Kobe burger. Never had one of those, and it's on my 'bucket list'.

Geez, you don't think the fact that it's ground meat means they're required by law to cook it well-done,

do you? That would be an abomination. If I can't get it extra-rare, forget it.

I'll just skip it, and we can continue on to the vodka and caviar.

What they're calling the 'Vodka and Caviar Tasting' sounds like a good idea.

That'll get us warmed-up, and possibly give us a better idea of what we'll want to order for

double-vodkas and 1 oz. caviar servings next.

Dessert? Oh, thanks! But no. It would be too much, and I

wouldn't want to take advantage of your generous and hospitable nature! :)


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