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I Just Don't Know


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It's always disturbing to me to realize just how many things

are going on about which I simply don't have a clue.

This was the 'closing scene' in the latest episode of the sit-com TV show 'The Goldbergs'.

How did the 'Wawa' store wind up appearing here?

These days, you just can't do something like that casually without risking all hell breaking loose.

So clearly, Wawa 'approved' of this.

But who paid whom for this situation to occur?

Or did the Goldbergs people simply ask Wawa if it would be okay, and they said "Hell, yes!"

I guess this whole thing kind of reminded me how the makers of M&Ms made their biggest mistake

ever by not letting their candy be used in the E.T. movie. I'm pretty sure that the people

involved in that decision aren't working there any more. But it's completely beyond me how

there could have ever been an 'issue' in the first place. :dunno:


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The creators of one of the shows I watch on DVD -- I think it was the Simpsons -- said they'd often put in product names and hope they got positive feedback about it later.

Maybe it was Psych.

Wasn't anything they needed to clear apparently. Or anything anyone paid for. And sometimes they got a token of gratitude and sometimes they didn't.

So maybe Wawa did pay for the product placement or give permission, but hard to say.

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