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Sparkler Vs Sunburst

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!

This post was inspried by the Master Oxblood discussion, but a more fundamental question. What are the diffentiaters between a Master Sunburst and an Akro Sparkler? I don't think I can tell them apart. I took some pictures of some of mine. I included what I have been told is a foreign sparkler. I can tell that one apart from the others. Are any of these NOT a Sunburst or Sparkler?






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Rule of thumb -- Akro sparklers usually have at least 5 distinct colors and very clear transparent colorless areas; Master sunbursts have fewer colors, are generally duller, the colors are sometimes more transparent, and there's less very clear glass.

I sure do love that sparkler box.

I'd consider that one on the left a type of foreign sparkler too.

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Wow! That box of Sparklers is just...well...wow... I would love to have that in my collection!! Or, have that BE my collection!

Steph, thanks for linking to the thread, too.

Ann, thanks for the description. I've noticed most of what I think are Master Sunbursts have an opaque patch. Whereas, the few (very few, like three) marbles I have which have been identified as Sparklers, don't seem to have an opaque patch. The sparklers seem to have a concentration of the filaments instead of a “patch”. Or I maybe don’t have a clue of which I speak!

Maybe my best option is to acquire a lot of sparklers so I can study them up close ;)


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