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Filing Small Imperfections

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I have several very small statues cast in 90% Carrara marble. I don't know what the other 10% is made of. The statues are white.

There are a few very teensy, tiny black spots on them.

I'm not a hobbyist or artist or anything. I just want to get rid of the black spots.

I used an ordinary nail file to file down of one of the spots and it has worked nicely. I'd like to do the same to the other spots (unless you know of a better way.)

Do I need to put any kind of sealant or anything on the very small areas I've filed? If so, is there a sealant you can recommend that is invisible when dry? I'd like to maintain a uniform appearance for the entire statue.

If I don't put sealant (or whatever) on will the sanded areas accumulate dust and dirt in them over time? Or could they yellow over time? With the statues the way I got them, and before doing any filing, I was told they won't yellow over time. I just wonder if the filing will change that.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Gail. This site is about toy glass marbles. Need to find one about things made out of real marble.

Good luck in your pursuits.

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