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Great Moments In Advertising


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Oh man! The folks at Campbell's Soup and the advertising people they're working with are brilliant.

On so many levels. I'm not going to bore you with my endless banter trying to describe it.

The link below is a 'tuber' of the first commercial I saw from their 'real real life' campaign just a little

while ago. In spite of being a hairy, sometimes smelly, working-class straight-laced guy, I can only

describe it as 'charming'.

While searching for this, I came across another one of their new ads. Personally, I'd say that this one

is just as charming, but it involves what I guess you'd have to call a 'controversial subject', and as such

I'm not going to show it here. If you're of a 'liberal' (which doesn't necessarily mean you're not a Republican!) mind-set, and like Stephen Colbert, I'd recommend looking up his 'million moms' video, and watching it there along with his amusing commentary.

Regardless of anyone's personal feelings, Campbell's is going to get so much 'bang for their buck'

publicity from these ads! These are new to me, and I haven't even looked to see if there are more

of them which I haven't seen yet. But so far I think they have a real winning concept here. ( :

(What I don't understand is the strange female vocal 'twang' from no known region, that has been very popular in advertising in recent years. But what the heck.)


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Interesting. Not one to keep up with the times, I hadn't heard of that! :blush:

It was the final two lines spoken by the off-camera narrator in the

video that reminded me of this thing I call the 'twang'. It's a strange

sort of tonality or 'accent' that has a somewhat unnatural 'affected' sound to it.

If someone you knew spoke this way all the time it would drive you nuts.

But armed with my new knowledge, I'd have to say that the example here

also seems to add some degree of 'fry' to it as well. ( :

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