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Christmas Television


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Just came upon this. It's what Hallmark is calling "A Happy Yule Log", and judging from the tv listings is

something they have been and will be running most of the day and night.

I'm going to come right out and say it. I think this is great. When that first 'fireplace on the tv' came out, I

thought it was one of the most creative and brilliant uses of modern technology I'd ever seen.

Can't really explain why. Just the way it is imho.

The slightly wider view and addition of the pets is an interesting change.

Although I think the close-up of just the fireplace is a somewhat 'purer' concept.

Anyway, wishing everyone a very Happy Yule Log! :)


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As long as I'm on the topic of television, I'd like to add this moment I was just amused by.

Here's one of my fellow brother 'slightly older guys' who's simply trying to turn the tv 'off' while

visiting the home of younger family members and being confronted with several 'remotes'.

I know just how he feels! :lol:


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