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Marble Jewelry


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Back when I was actively collecting I bid and won a few half-marble silver mounted pendants made by the late Larry Castle (marble maker and book author). They were a gift for my best friend and she still has them. She is bringing them over today and I'll get some photos and post later.

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Three pieces of silver mounted marble jewelry by Larry Castle:

Akro Lemonade Oxblood - This really glows under black light.


Akro Tricolor cork


Akro PeeWee Sparkler - Side One


Akro PeeWee Sparkler - Side Two


Larry Castle's Hallmark - Every piece I have has this stamped on the piece


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  • 10 months later...

I just sent away all the marble halves I would have had to make jewelry with.  And I had some pretties.

ALSO, I just sent these away.  Last year, after Dave sent me the first set of D.A.S. jewelry,  he sent a bunch more ... to give a way to friends ... and *sheepish* I didn't do it yet.  Partly I misplaced them for a few months and partly some of them ... well ... some of them will have to be pried out of my hands.  I _will_ get pictures of those.  In the meantime, these are the two I sent away today. :)  Key chain and necklace.



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