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Hello From Tyneside, Nort-East England.

Geordies Liggies

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Hello to all members of Marble Connection. My name is Steve, I am 53 years old, and live near in Washington, Tyne and Wear (the ancestral home of George Washington).

I started collecting marbles as a youngster, purely for their aesthetic appeal. I left off for a couple of decades, then started again about 10 years ago.

My main interest is in German marbles, most of which have been bought on e-bay, although any attractive marble will get my attention.

I have recently purchased a couple of marbles on which I would appreciate your expert opinion. I'll post some pics once I get the hang of uploading to the site.

I was born about 10 miles from Washington, in Newcastle on Tyne. Locals from this area of the country speak with quite a strong accent and use a lot of dialect words. Local words for marbles are liggies, penkas and boodies.

A local song from the Victorian music halls was 'Wor Geordie's lost his liggies', which translates to 'Our George has lost his marbles', which explains my choice of user name.

I seem to have rambled on a bit, so I'll just say that I'm pleased to be a member of Marble Connection and look forward to many interesting exchanges with other members.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the advice Steph.

I managed to upload 4 pics of what I believe to be an antiaue german marble.

Having just read the marble id page (doh!), I realise that I may need to upload different pics with a more neutral background.

Once I create a thread on the marble id section, will I be able to attach the pics from my gallery, or should I just refer other members to check my gallery?

All advice vratefully accepted,


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You can attach pics from your gallery. Go to the My Media button at the top of the reply window. Hopefully you can find your way around from there.

Or I can add them in if you get snagged on that.

We'll get them in one way or another.

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