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Oxblood's And Others Found In A Cigar Box #2


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Continuation on the first thread found here

I needed to remove some images from the other thread even though I had more because I was told it was too many by an automated response but the rest should be here if the same thing occurs in this thread!

Down to business! The last 4 marbles in the image below I am not sure of, the first 4 are in the thread mentioned at the beginning of this post.
5th Marble I think maybe...? an Akro Corkscrew as it literally is like the thread of a screw and you can easily see down the middle. when looked at from above. looks like 3 colours but might be classified as 2 because of bleeding? 5/8"
6th ??? maybe Akro corkscrew? 5/8" does react to a black light
7th very similar to 5th with only Green and Red with white interior. "screw design???" 5/8"
8th very neat little guy 9/16th I really have no idea Maybe CAC? but would this be considered a 2 colour flame? white is completely opaque

Thanks again!

GEDC4580.jpg GEDC4545.jpg GEDC4546.jpg GEDC4547.jpg


GEDC4553.jpg GEDC4554.jpg GEDC4555.jpg

GEDC4558.jpg GEDC4559.jpgGEDC4560.jpg
GEDC4562.jpg GEDC4563.jpgGEDC4564.jpg GEDC4569.jpg GEDC4570.jpg
GEDC4571.jpgGEDC4572.jpg GEDC4573.jpg GEDC4574.jpg GEDC4575.jpgGEDC4576.jpg GEDC4577.jpg GEDC4578.jpg GEDC4579.jpg

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5. Akro Popeye (yes, that's a Corkscrew)

6. Looks like another Akro Limeade

7. Another Akro Popeye

8. That looks like an Alley. Alley Agate. I agree it could be called a flame. And I agree with the color count of two. :)

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