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Got My Black Light Today...


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Needless to say, it will also come in handy when we get a new puppy... BUT!!! In the meantime, I think I will have some additional sorting to do... I have a lot of uranium glass.

QUESTION: a few of the more "yellow" marbles that I had in the lemon-lime batch actually glowed pink. After looking up uranium glass on Wikipedia, they mention that the pink is called "Burmese." Can I assume that here?

First attachment here is without blacklight... the "other views" in the next post down show the reactive state.


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I think the pink of the Burmese glass refers to the original color of the glass -- in daylight -- not the glow under blacklight.

Pink or orange glow would come from another element other than uranium. Manganese would be one possibility there.

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Once upon a time, I took all my marbles into a closet, and I started pulling them out according to how much they glowed under the blacklight.

I'd take out all the brightest ones and put them in one box.

Then after my eyes had a chance to adjust and those other bright ones were gone, some of the remaining ones started to look bright. So I would pull those out.

And then repeat the process.

When I got down to about level 4, I started seeing some really neat colors in the glow. Like up to four different colors in one marble.

Blue glow can come from calcium.

I ended up with a tan on my wrist from how much I used the blacklight. Don't use it as much as I did! hehe

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