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When You Least Expect It....


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Yup ... fun.

Back when I had a computer with photoshop, I got quite good at taking dramatic blacklight photos.

Dark room.

Black background.

My no-frills camera would turn the black background purple but then I'd go into photoshop and play with color levels until I subdued the purple and then the glow would jump out.

I was really really REALLY into blacklight marbles! ^_^

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Yeah .... I was kinda obsessed with getting them just so.

Don't pay too much attention to the ramblings of a madwoman who assigned her blacklight marbles a grade of 1 to 7, with the possibility of getting a half grade such as 5.5.


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Oh yes, I also had 0's.

I would look for marbles which were so neutral that they stayed black in the dark under the blacklight.

And I had a marble I called e-to-the-x ... it looked the same under blacklight as it did in normal light. Bonus points if you get the reason I called that e-to-the-x. ^_^

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