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Homemade/jerry Rigged Tools


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Here are some homemade/modified tools.

My very powerful wirewheel

My vise on 2" floor flange with 2"x1-1/4" bushing to 1-1/4" pipe in a satellite dish stand.

The motor is from a jet pump which means it is very robust and moisture/rust resistant, it also does not need a start/run capacitor because it has start/run windings with a centrifugal switch. The wirewheel rig is mounted with two bolts and wingnuts. In my bench top I have 1/2" holes drilled at 4" centers, makes for easy, quick mounting.

The sat dish stand I found in a dumpster still wrapped in the packaging it was shipped in, yeah, new. I replaced two of the bolts with eye-bolts so they can be tightened/loosened with a screwdriver through them.



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Some more jet pump motors. The grey one is 2/3hp and does have a cap because of it's size, I am saving it for mountign a saw under that table. The green is only 1/3hp. The one on my wirewheel is 1/2hp and if I didn't get it first I would have used the 1/3hp because a wirewheel doesn't need a 1/2hp.

also in that pic is a jerry can I was turning into a tool box, a small table saw, and one of the legs of my saw table, the pair were only 25$ and they are quite strong legs.

Like my stereo rig? its a server psu powering a car head unit. Not in the frame is a pair of center speakers from radioshack I got from the dump.



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Lolz, I do give tours of my SHED. There is about 15square ft of space in the center. It is hardly a workshop. If you ever stop by I will certainly give you a tour. I do want to build a new shed/workshop but while the kids are young I just don't have the time. It's a pain working in such a small space but at least my tools are easy to get at.

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