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An apology


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Hello everyone, I'd like to make a public contrition of guilt, for a reply to a post I made the previous evening.

I implied a post was "plain crap", I do apologise for this, and to Chris on this matter.

i hope this is sufficient for me to not be seen as a Rapist/Serial killer on this board?

maybe one day you all may forget my crimes?

p.s do you get put on Death row for saying "Crap"?



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15 hours ago, Mattshaw1953 said:

 a personality with oddities!, there is a hope for me yet! 😍😍😍😍

My kindred spirit!, pull up a chair my friend!!!!!

Not sure how you found out about my three children, oddities indeed!  1953, the diversity in everything is what makes things interesting for me.  We live, we learn.....so wiggle your oddities into the mold because we don't like it!  

Repeat after me....great marble, sweet, we are blessed to have you post, fantastic, popcorn, no can of worms, sanitize and thanks! 


P.S.  i didn't agree with your OP but I'm sure you don't agree with all of mine!

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