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Possible cateyes


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not sure about the top right.

Definite yes on Row 1, #1 and #2, and on row 2, #1 and #3.  Probably all Vitro. 


Probably yes on the bottom middle, but it's ... .different.  

If that's not a modern marble king, then it could end up worth a little something because it's so different and has eye appeal.


The single color (or essentially single color) ones go into the commons pile.  

The bottom right one goes into a nicer Vitro hybrid cat's eyes grouping.

Does the top left have a blue-tinted base or is that a blue ribbon giving us reflections inside?  The cage style marbles are more common than the ones like the bottom right, but with as many colors as seem to come through on that one, I'd put it in a nice-ish Vitro grouping. 



Just not sure what to make of the top right.  Am expecting it not to be valuable, but can't guess what it is.  Maybe more views would help.


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