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Our long Realers thread with the Glassonix discussion

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Our long Realers thread with the Glassonix discussion disappeared ...  and I need a place I can find easily where I can replace some of the pictures which were there.   Here's one of the pictures I was looking for.  (From 1930.)   Another was a small ad maybe from Playthings Magazine.  But I don't have my extensive archive uploaded to this computer yet so it might be awhile before I can restore that one.  Any help or any new pix are welcome.  



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That confuses me a wee bit.  Are those Pelts?  (Coz last I checked, Pelt started making marbles in 1927.)  

Was that onyx and cerise from a different maker?  Or anticipation of what Peltier would offer?  Or did Peltier start sooner than I realized.  I suppose this may be in the Pelt book. I better shut up until I can go find my book and see what's there.

One of the ads I was trying to find when I started this thread ... but no hurry ...  was a short one like those but it mentioned at least the Acme Realers and maybe the glassonix, and I can't remember what else.


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