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Ready to Learn! ID Help please!

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New member, I like to try to Id my marbles as much as possible without help, then ask opinions. So I will be posting pics of 5 at a time every few days to see what you guys think about the marbles I love even if they are imperials made last week, I picked these to be my babies to start off my new hobby!


I have read hours for weeks, searched and joined everything I can, I love that there is so much to know!


So here is my first lot of 5! Using Imgur as my camera pics are too large.


Top pole of each Above


View of best side


1: 21/32 I am thinking Peltier, please give it a official name!

2: 22/32 Master or Akro? Or ripoff? Help!

3: 1 1/32 Lrge marble seems old, is that a CAC Turkey Swirl? Found this one at dump site! Love it no matter what

4: 31/32 I just got this in a jar that I know is old group. Has a faint horse hair of red, is it a horsehair ox? Base is Translucent, Why is this so hard folks!

5: 25/32 Akro Corkscrew? Or Jabo? or other? I have been calling it Akro


Thanks in advance and hope this is of no bother!


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Hi there.


#1 _might_ be Peltier.  Also might be Marble King.  Need a better idea of how many ribbons there are and how they connect at the seams.

#2 is tricky.  I'll go Master or Imperial. 

#3, the first view looks to have a nice tail in it.  So I'm figuring the 2nd view is a "nine", rather than a turkey head. I'm going to say M.F. Christensen slag, rather than Christensen Agate. 

#4.   In spite of your sureness that this was with an old group, it looks totally Jabo to me. 

#5.  So that red ribbon corks around the marble?  More views could help but I'm leaning Akro for now based on the peek at the seam in the first view.

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Today I took #3 to a expert in hand mades and transitionals. I learned that #3 in this picture is a very rare Navarre Marble which makes sense seeings I live two towns over! He valued it at 100 - 125 bucks woot! paid 2 dollars !

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