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How to delete gallery image?


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I uploaded a pic collage that I didn't realize had 2 of the same photos in it 🤣

So I made a new one, and added the new one to my gallery. 

That was my first mistake, it seems. 

When I went to delete the first image... the only "delete" button I find requires me to add a new image in its place! 

(So I could have just changed the image like that -- uploading the new one in its place -- instead of uploading the new one and then trying to delete the old one...)

But I can't delete the old one. The delete option requires a new image. I can't seem to just delete an image. ???

Is there a way to do this? What am I missing? Help please! 


I click Manage Image, and only have the option to "Edit Details"...



I click Edit Details, and "Delete" appears down at the bottom right...



If I click Delete, it says a new image is required! 



If I try to click Save Image after clicking Delete, it doesn't work, because I didn't put a new image in its place...




If an admin can delete it for me, this is the image I'd like to delete -- the upper right and lower left pics in the collage are identical. 


I'd like it removed since we can only have so many photos in our gallery...


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