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Jake Anthony


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Jake's most prized marble possession, hands down. He showed this to everyone that came in the house. And I mean everyone - all his friends, his first date, his prom date, all my friends, his mom's friends, people he'd never met, right down to his hospice nurses. It brought him a ton of joy, and he was proud as a peacock to have it.


And I can guarantee, it had nothing to do with the marbles.


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One incident I and, I am sure, Ron, will never forgetĀ  - I think Bill was there too.

Jake and I were visiting. As I recall, it was a WVMCC show but it might have been Sistersville. Jake was still pretty young, maybe 13 years old. It may have been the first time Ron and Jake ever met. We were sitting around drinking coffee after sleeping for about three hours, as usual when we were in marbling mode, and Jake came stumbling out of the bed room rubbing his eyes. He looks at us and says, "When I first woke up, for a minute, I thought I was in heaven." And I will say, anyone who ever spent a night in Ron's "marble bedroom" in Belleville, knows exactly what he was talking about.

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