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Marble bead


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When I was obsessed for a few years regarding marbles. One of the things that got my interest was restoring/conserving damaged hand made German marbles.

I had a serious marble/glass bead collector approach me regarding me to bring some of her truly rare German hand made marbles that had quite a bit of damage back to life. I asked her to send what she need worked on and I would give her a quote.

One of the marbles had a large chip in it that nearly went into the color layer. This said I told her that this particular marble was a lost cause. I told her I had an idea for something regarding this marble but I wanted to buy it prior to doing my magic on it.

She gifted the marble to me because she was so thrilled with my work on the marbles from her collection. Once I had ownership of this damaged marble I got to do what I thought would make one of the most unique glass beads on the planet. The inside design in this marble is the only time I have ever seen such a wonderful colorful design.

Bead measures 1.45 inch 36.6mm long 1.15 inch 29mm in diameter


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For whatever reason I did not take a before image or I can not find it in my old images. All I did was was remove and shape the excess outer damaged glass, there is still a very small area that shows a pop out. Basically I cut as near the color as I could in doing this it gave me the final shape. I did drill the hole prior to doing the grinding.

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