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  1. Had some collectors approach me back when I was restoring/conserving old German hand made marbles. These images show a super rare large hand made someone contracted me to bring it back to life. If I remember correctly this marble was close enough to call it two inches. Truly wonderful I must say. Enjoy ......... Danny
  2. For whatever reason I did not take a before image or I can not find it in my old images. All I did was was remove and shape the excess outer damaged glass, there is still a very small area that shows a pop out. Basically I cut as near the color as I could in doing this it gave me the final shape. I did drill the hole prior to doing the grinding.
  3. When I was obsessed for a few years regarding marbles. One of the things that got my interest was restoring/conserving damaged hand made German marbles. I had a serious marble/glass bead collector approach me regarding me to bring some of her truly rare German hand made marbles that had quite a bit of damage back to life. I asked her to send what she need worked on and I would give her a quote. One of the marbles had a large chip in it that nearly went into the color layer. This said I told her that this particular marble was a lost cause. I told her I had an idea for something regarding this marble but I wanted to buy it prior to doing my magic on it. She gifted the marble to me because she was so thrilled with my work on the marbles from her collection. Once I had ownership of this damaged marble I got to do what I thought would make one of the most unique glass beads on the planet. The inside design in this marble is the only time I have ever seen such a wonderful colorful design. Bead measures 1.45 inch 36.6mm long 1.15 inch 29mm in diameter
  4. This is the first time I have been on the forum in about four years. Was totally obsessed with Greman handmades for a few years. I plan on getting back at it and will be posting some nice hand made marbles for viewing and sale. This image is a teaser of a group I bought about four years ago and never posted on the forum. Glad to be back ......... I also have some better machine made. All my best ........... Danny
  5. If I were you I would uninstall photoscape, Then when you reinstall make sure it goes to the E drive. You should be asked early on where you want the program to go,
  6. I have had as many showers as you have had baths. I truly dislike showers and am blessed to have a bathtub so big I can stretch out in it also it has no overflow so if you want you can fill it nearly 18 inches deep. Enjoy your future baths. All my best ... Danny
  7. Just looks like a poorly made marble to me. Maybe end of day on this one means the maker was tired. All my best ........... Danny
  8. Bloodstone typically has the red spots and this is what helped me come to my conclusion. All my best ...... Danny
  9. I think it is made from bloodstone most likely from India. All my best ......... Danny
  10. You will need to put an image up if you want some help on this. All my best .... Danny
  11. I think the most I have seen is 18 on a marble I owned, I sold it at Tucson last year so I can't count them now. I have one for this years Tucson and will count it, I don't think it has as many. This is by far the most I personally have seen .......... Very cool !! All my best .......... Danny Just counted the one upstairs ............. it has 16
  12. Bob, If this is truly an old onion skin the colors in it are different than most I have seen. Do you think these are perhaps a very early production? If so when would you guess they were made. All my best ........ Danny
  13. Matt, I have never seen these colors in an old onion skin, could you give us some details as to where you got it and also if you think it is old or new. All my best .......... Danny
  14. I agree with Bob, I have seen strands of beads like this in person and on Ebay. All my best ....... Danny
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