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Are these vintage or modern


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Shiny can be really good shape.  Most of these look vintage. 

#1.  Can't guess with that view.

#2. LIkely Master

#3.  I think this one will turn out to be a Peltier Rainbo.

#4 and #5.  These may turn out to be a West Virginia swirls.  

#6.  I can't really guess a maker with that view, but I'm pretty sure it is vintage.

#7.  No guess

For marbles which have cutlines and seams such as #2, #3, probably #4 and #5 and maybe #6, it's helpful to show those lines/seams.  You show it clearly in #2.  We used to have a tutorial to show how to locate those seams.  I accidentally deleted it.  I need to make another one.  Making a big reminder to put beside my desk right now.  


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_20180610_141958.thumb.JPG.7b6696b308f7fcd4b8d6729c901b3b0e.JPGhere is another picture of them, but it is blurry.  #1has two seam lines that aren't quite opposite.  #2 also has two seams that are opposite. #3 I can't tell where its seam is.  #6 also has two seam lines that are opposite, and so does#7.

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#1 is some kind of patch -- possibly Akro.

Sticking with Master on #2

Glad I saw the first picture on #3 because I still think it's probably Peltier, but it sure has a weird fold in it.

Still in the general "West Virginia swirl" area on #4 and #5.  

I think #6 might be a Master.  Master or Akro.

#7 might be a Vitro.  


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