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A few for ID

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I assume the top is a WV swirl.  I'd guess Ravenswood or Alley.

Second is another WV swirl.  Pretty sure Alley.

Any reason to think the aqua and brown is older?  Because it looks like a newish marble -- a Jabo.  

I can't tell how many marbles we're looking at after that point.  :) Might be a Jabo in there.  But one view which sort of looked Jabo has some older looking wear so maybe it's Champion.  

I broke your other posts from this thread off into new threads so that it would be easier to discuss the marbles in those posts.  :thup: 


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Thank you much appreciated! The brownish one you're probably right on a friend let me pick through some of his marbles a huge variety all mixed together I liked it for some reason but figured it was probably new but still personally think it's got character. Pee wees are my favorite.

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