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Last group - IDs and questions Thanks!

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Thoughts on this?  Parrot with cold roll, messed up cork, other?Parrot1.thumb.jpg.4afe922a1ec4d7386ccfd9ae89a5b2e6.jpg

Possible Peltier?  Is there a name for this one?


No idea - any help is appreciated


Neat clear rainbo? #3 pic shows I thought was damage but it is really smooth almost faceted flat top like a blueberry but not a chip?  Could it be a pontil?


This possible CAC had some strange damage - what happened?  The really odd thing is that the lines do not affect the surface of the marble - perfectly smooth as far as I can tell.  I can't detect anything there.  Anyone seen this kind of problem?


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Messed up Akro cork sounds good on #1.

Pelt sounds good on #2.  I'm not familiar with a name for it.

No clue on #3.  

That's pretty wild on #4.    I think it's "drizzle".    I want it to be CAC.   From what I can see of the structure, Peltier is my 2nd choice.  But that kind of drizzle on either one is unusual.  

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Here are two more pics of the "blueberry" top.  Still curious if this is damage or as-made?  One side is smooth and rounds into the crater.  The other side has a raised lip around 1/3 of the crater.  In the crater are multiple facets or chisel-looking marks.

The surface and internal is really interesting to me.  But I have no idea how to classify - transparent swirl maybe?


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