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Aqua slags or swirls?


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1 hour ago, Melissa said:

Good question.  I'd like to know this too.  👂

Swirls, for the most part, a ribbon that meanders inside.  Concentrate really hard and you can follow it.

Slags were mixed, raw materials or glass swirled while molten in the furnace or a tank. You could simulate it with acrylic paint, like Peter Max does with his brush, blending thick colors. Both of yours are slags frozen in time as blended. .

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20 minutes ago, chocomibs said:

Interesting. Thanks! What makes the colors green/blue-ish in that second one?

When the white striping glass dips below the surface of the transparent colored base glass it can appear to be colored, which color depends on the base glass and how far beneath the surface the white striping glass is.

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