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Marble Id’s


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Hello old friends, it has been a long while since I have posted anything. Life just happens doesn’t it.

I have some marbles here that I need to have any info you can give me. Who made them mainly and their type and anything 

else you’d like to add. I have started selling a few under the name wicker1987 if you’d like to follow them. You gave me much help 

a few years back and I appreciate it greatly.







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The one on the left may be a hard one to ID because of the way that it was made-- WVS imho.
The next one looks like a Vitro Conqueror.
The next one---it may be a Pelt Rainbo—maybe—it is kinda funky.
The right hand one is more than likely an Alley Agate.
All opinions are welcomed and needed.

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