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Bullseye Mesh Bag W/ Coral Marbles & Mk Mesh Bags


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Picked up a few new bags this weekend and thought this one was pretty cool. It's the first time I've seen corals in a bag, and I hadn't seen this mesh bag at all before. Anyone have any info on it?




Here's a cool MK mesh. Dark blue mesh with yellow threads. This guy is only about 4" long. Pretty small.


And is this bag a Marble King bag? It is on 3" long or less. Really small!


Thanks for your help.


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Nice bags, Craig. I attached a picture from Sep. 2000 of a bag similar to your Pressman. It had corals in it, too. The other marbles look like they might be Champion so that may help the theory that most of these corlas were Champion (at least from a being found in packaging concept). The rippled wheat bags are neat - some different color meshes found with those. The last bag reminds me of other bags with Peltiers that I thought were done by a distributer/jobebr like Berry Pink. Pressman seemed to put his company name on his headers but there are a lot in that time frame that had no company name. Some of the 'Champion' headers on mesh bags were similar to those and they had Peltiers. Of course, it is possible that Marble King didn't use their company name when they first started packaging. They packaged Peltiers when they did start using the name so maybe these were forerunners. Berry Pink was at the beginning of Marble King and apparently did keep his owne company during the early years so maybe some kind of 'hybrid'...? You going to sell the first or last?


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Al, thanks for the great info on the bags. As you mention, the Big Boy name seems to have been used by a few companies. I would lean toward the early MK. The Pressman bag is definately full of Champions. I agree with the Corals being Champions. It's nice to have them in a bag to help with the provenance.

The Big Boy bag of mine is kinda misleading, it only has 5/8" marbles in it and is maybe 2 1/2" long. One of the smallest mesh bags I've seen.

The bags may be for sale soon, I will let you know. Thanks again,


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