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  1. Can a German come out play?
  2. We're slowing down! Let's get a move on...
  3. Great Marbles everyone! A few more to keep it going...
  4. Well,,,, I just tried posting again and got the same message. I double checked all of my urls and made sure that the img thingy was there... I give up for tonight. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow maybe not. Thanks again for you assistance Steph. Gary So why the heck does it work now???????
  5. Okay, lets... Okay. That is using my old way and a new way. Of course, both worked. I guess I'll just have to double check all of my URLs and such. Thanks!!! Steph!!!! Gary
  6. I've had the same image host for several years now and in the past have had no trouble posting pics in this forum. I recently dove back into this site and have posted a few pics. Last week I attempted to post several pics and a couple of them wouldn't load with a red warning that said 'You can't use that image extension on this site!' I didn't really give a second thought and went on. So today I attempted to load different pics and this time they all were blocked with the same message. Any ideas? I use imagecave.. As you can see, my avatar pic shows up and is hosted on imagecave as well. Thanks for any help. Gary
  7. Here's a few I consider, well Masterful..
  8. Thanks. The big grey stoneware and is 1 15/16. That's a peewee pink bennie in the pic for comp. The big pink is 1 1/8-. The masonic stoneware is the coolest.
  9. Here's a few of my favorites! In no particular order.
  10. Here is one I picked up from an Akro digger a few years ago.
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