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Bevely Brule


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After being tipped off by Pat Fappiano, that there was a user ID "Bevsmarbles" on ebay, I called Bev Brule's son, Chris last night and we talked for a while....

Yes, "Bevsmarbles" is his ID and he will be selling her collection over the next year, or so....

There should be something for EVERYONE in these auctions.... Common stuff, Good stuff, GREAT stuff and stuff that will only come around once in a lifetime..... Bev was an advanced collector when I was a little kid!!! She was an equal opportunity collector, appreciating the simplest swirl as well as the eyepoppers...

She also had an appreciation for the "odd...." It will be interesting to see some of the things that come to light....

Bookmark the page and keep a watch out. It should be a learning experience!!!

For those who don't know of Bev (She was a lurker here, but never posted...)

I'm not sure when Bev started collecting marbles... I met her as a teenager, somewhere in the late '60's to early '70's... She bacame my mentor and best friend....

She was a co-founder of Marbles Unlimited and personally published the "Marble Mart" Newsletter, for several years... She was "Information Central" for the marble collecting community, before the internet... Any new news that needed announcing, or any information that needed to be learned, the one to call was Bev....

Today, when news of passings, special exhibits, new shows, hot auctions, warnings of fraud, etc. need to be announced, they hit the internet.... Before the internet, Bev would be on the phone for HOURS..... She worked very hard not to be a gossip (as this probably makes her sound....) That was not her "thing." The goal was to get the correct news "Out There," without errors...

Bev was also an instigator of the contemporary marble movement... One of the first sellers of contemporary marbles, she represented Dudley Giberson at Amana....

Bev passed away 2 years ago, just before Christmas.... She leaves a huge void...

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Bev is surely missed. She is an icon for those that knew her and will live on forever within us. I think of her often and keep a picture of her close by.

And I owe you a big one. If not for you, Bev and I would never have become friends.

PS...Thinking about Wheaton ;) with Julie...

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I cannot find the original post for Bev's passing.... I think it was lost in the big EZ Board crash...

I'm betting she's happy about that!! If she HAD to be a topic, she'd rather it be a happy one!!

We lost her in December of 2003, but a part of her spirit is with me every day....


Bev at the Oct. 2003 New England Show


Bev with a noble entourage!!

Gary Stetson, Dave Wheaton, Bert Cohen & Alan Basinet

Maine - 2002? (I think.....)

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I never knew Beverly but was lucky enough to buy a good handful of marbles from her collection. I've STILL never found better examples of the types of antique ones that I bought -- or if I have, they'd gone way past my price range. AND a rare Cooprider marble. Anybody else have one? Just curious --


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