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5 Color Cork


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The 6 color popeye thread has been very interesting to read.

It got me thinking about this one. Does anybody else have a

corkscrew with more than 5 true colors? Excluding hybred

popeyes and blends. I would love to see them.

Thanks Terry



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Guest marbleus1

jus happen to have a pic. handy. I'm counting white and its hard to find on this marble.

Kinda cross thread and not meant to derail, but look at the oddness to the way the orange just laid out there by itself on this marble. seems hard to fit that into a known machinary pattern. edit: that didnt make sense. You cant see it in the pics but the orange runs in a almost straight line from pole to pole. its dense just like it came out, didnt spread, barely got spun, wasnt intentional but surely only one of millions of possibilities.

Why aint it over on the other side with the rest of the orange?








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