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  1. TerryT35


    Yes It's a Akro corkscrew.
  2. Can you see it now???? I think it's fixed.
  3. I lost a very good marble buddy last night Lonnie Conyers. RIP my friend you will be missed.
  4. I also have one. It is soooooo close to a Popeye. The clear isn't crystal clear, just slightly milky. Backlight and it has a moonie glow. The brown/burnt red is translucent.
  5. TerryT35

    Big Old Car

    Did somebody say 1932???? Mine.....
  6. TerryT35

    Bike Day

    Sweet Scooter there Ray!!!
  7. TerryT35

    Bike Day

    Post a picture of it Ray. I would love to see it.
  8. Just wondering...What makes the first one an Exotic???? Isn't it just a Striped Opaque?
  9. One you don't see very often,a corkscrew.
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